Muki shares the escapist electro-pop track “Space/City Limit”

Australian hyperpop-influenced artist Muki shares her latest cut with the buoyant “Space/City Limit”. Teaming up her autotuned vocals with oscillating pop beats, the track’s foundations are built with pop integrity. Stomping her way into the industrial pop scene, Muki’s musicality is infectious. This is a name we’re about to hear more and more of.

The theme of Space/City Limit is exploring the feeling you get after you break up with someone, that your social circle is too small and even (in this case) I felt my city was too small. The cathartic thing about this song is that I got to really flesh out this idea in London, one of my favourite cities in the world, in early 2020. At the time I was preparing to move there, and so there is a very euphoric, freeing feeling in this song, because when I wrote it, I was really feeling that finally I was going to find the space I had so longed for.”

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Muki shares the escapist electro-pop track “Space/City Limit”
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