Lucy Blue releases her melancholic EP “Suburban Hollywood”

Dublin singer, songwriter and producer Lucy Blue shares her EP Suburban Hollywood. The EP invites you into the world of Lucy’s tender songwriting with the featherweight “Taxi Driver”, acoustic-driven “Postman” and dreamy “First Man on The Moon”. Lucy Blue’s melancholic sounds are chillingly addictive as her soft vocals drift into a hazy daydream.

“Suburban Hollywood is my celebration of the ordinary. I wanted to create a world that in a way romanticises everyday life and people. I think there’s pieces of Hollywood everywhere if you look whether it be in people or places, taxi drivers or pilots. I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of Hollywood and what it means to people. The way we glamorise things and icons. Gift shops that sell tacky souvenirs of anything and everyone. I’ve always been so fascinated by it. When I think of suburban Hollywood I think of streets I grew up on and people I knew. It feels like a suburban version of Hollywood. I want to write songs that celebrate that and those type of people.”

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Lucy Blue releases her melancholic EP “Suburban Hollywood”
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