Single Review: Hey Compadre by LOCK

Supposedly, guitar music is making a comeback – but since when had it disappeared? For LOCK however, gritty guitar-powered music has always been at the forefront of their DIY sound. Blurring the line between guitar and cinematic pop music, the dark pop trio’s latest release ‘Hey Compadre’ delves into the band’s creative outlook, showcasing their ability to produce boisterous tunes.

Stirring up a rebellious streak with sleek guitar riffs and brooding vocals, ‘Hey Compadre’ is a truly infectious track – think Gwen Stefani’s album ‘L.A.M.B’ but with heavier, abrasive rock elements. Projecting a riotous attitude, something which is reflected in their music, the London-based band formed of sisters Edie Langley & Gita Harcourt and drummer Gabi Woo, are a force to be reckoned with.

Speaking to us late last year, Edie and Gita said: “We’re getting ‘Hey Compadre’ as good as it can be, and that is exciting; we’re really excited to release that.” And it’s finally here, the highly-anticipated track is now ready for the world to hear, and yes it was most definitely worth the wait.

Listen to Hey Compadre below.

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Review by Paige Sims
Single Review: Hey Compadre by LOCK
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