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LIVE REVIEW: The Cosmics @ Fuzzy AF All-Dayer

This garage-punk band from Birmingham have been taking the underground scene by storm. Already with an impressive support slot for Starcrawler under their belt, it’s only a matter of time before The Cosmics bring their groove-infused thrash to the musical forefront.

With an absolute vixen of a front-woman in the form of the talented Erin Curran, the band automatically have a mesmerising anchor for their live set – the music is what really grips you in though. Curran‘s kinetic response to the souls within their songs resembles that of an aural possession. Her riot grrrl-esque vocal is expounded with such poise that it almost feels as though she is channeling a gritty, and at times rough, vocality from another realm.

Twin brothers, Conor Boyle (guitars and vocals) and Danny Boyle (drums) are as effective at achieving the phrase of their music as Curran with her sharp bass tears. ‘Trust Is Blind’, the band’s next single which is set for release in November, demonstrates the sheer talent of each member. The genesis of the track sees Curran gripping hold of the microphone and delivering its sultry vocals to the audience hypnotically, making each one of us feel like we matter.

Bittersweet lyrics echo with a calm cadence that briskly morphs into a hard-hitting frenzy of a track.

When Conor took over vocal duties, it proves that The Cosmics are a multi-faceted force to be reckoned with. His mop of hair covers his face as he shakes back and forth with vigour, tearing life asunder with each shriek and string scrawl.

Many acts performed at the Fuzzy AF All-Dayer, but the The Cosmics stole the show.

WORDS: Alicia Carpenter

FEATURED IMAGE BY: All rights belong to the BBC

LIVE REVIEW: The Cosmics @ Fuzzy AF All-Dayer
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