KISA releases new single ‘Fools Gold’

A SILKY sounding soloist has dropped her eagerly awaited new track following the release of its official visual last month.

KISA, an LA-born and raised creative, has shared ‘Fools Gold’ following the release of its predecessor, ‘Hurting’.

Having grown up dancing, performing, singing, and film making since the age of just two years old, KISA has developed a meticulous knack for storytelling.


And ‘Fools Gold’ is another great example of this, with its dark and emotive themes and visual lyricism, like the line: “my hands are slowly pulling out the knife that’s behind my back.”


The clean-cutting production is impressive too, with a mixture of backing harmonies and hard-hitting vocals standing out.

Speaking about the track, KISA said:  “Many find it hard to feel fulfilled without the success of big dreams, whatever they may be.

“It is easy to get caught up in the end goal and miss the beauty of the journey.

“Creating, growing, and learning is where the real magic happens.”

KISA releases new single ‘Fools Gold’
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