JASIMI hits the sweet spot on “FOOOD”

Dallas-native JASIMI unveils the soulful offering that is “FOOOD”. It’s a sexy, jazzy, neo-soul mixture that really hits the sweet spot. A fiery ode to lust and enjoying someone completely, “FOOOD” is a hit of serotonin for the soul.

“FOOOD is eclectic, funky, unique and sexy. It’s an embodiment of 3 different faces of woman. The fiery, the ethereal, and the humble. It’s a song about love, lust and trust. I think it’s special because it hits you at the base of your spine, the top of your head and your heart. I’ve never heard a song like it before, which I think is cool. It’s also about sex. But the kind that is nourishing like a delicious meal rather than junk food.”

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JASIMI hits the sweet spot on “FOOOD”
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