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Introducing your new obsession: President Street

Hailing from Australia comes the sound of your new obsession: President Street – a musical collective who refuse to be defined by any one genre…


At the forefront of this duo stands Ruby, a woman with a voice that has to be heard to be believed. Syrup-y sweet tones lead the way through President Street’s melting pot of genres and influences to create truly unique pop music with an otherworldly element – be it in production, instrumentation or vocals, there is just something about this music which just has the X factor.


Don’t just take our word for it – before the pandemic, not only had the band achieved a Top 5 hit on the Music Week charts (for previous single ‘I Found Me’), but they also had a tour of Japan scheduled! That pesky virus… 


Picking back up where they left off, global pandemic be damned, comes newest release, ‘Something to Believe’. A song all about overcoming adversity (in the form of a toxic relationship) and learning self-assurance even while the rest of the world changes and crumbles around you, this release really could not be coming at a better time. The themes are universal and the song is ultimately triumphant in its message of confidence and defiance.


With a string of releases and a UK tour under their belt, President Street are set to return with a vengeance, making up for all those missed months while stuck at home. After all, when ‘Something to Believe’ comes on, you’ll be hard-pressed not to dance to it. 


Something to Believe is out now. You can listen below or stream on Spotify.



Introducing your new obsession: President Street
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