Hedda Mae is the reigning pop queen on “Hate Being 22”

A reigning queen on pop, Norway’s Hedda Mae releases the bold “Hate Being 22”. With her formidable 90s pop styles, the single feels like an old friend returning to your life. Perfected for a Disney teen movie, “Hate Being 22” reminds us of everything great about pop, the slower, acoustic pre-chorus, the euphoria, the pure freeing feelings. Power pop at its finest.


“I have always been afraid of growing up. I already felt like life was passing by me as a 9 year old, so you can only imagine how I feel now. Things were always better before, right? Two weeks ago, I moved from Bergen to Oslo. During my first week in my new city, I lost both my phone and my wallet. Not only that, I also managed to post my credit card information on social media. Being in your twenties is super weird, because you are still young; but at the same time you are supposed to have a certain amount of control over your life. You’re introduced to a lot of problems and issues you never thought you would have to face. I just wish someone told me about all of that years ago. Because now, I just hate being 22.”

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Hedda Mae is the reigning pop queen on “Hate Being 22”
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