Gratitude, joy and optimism: Rachael Sage shares her inspirational story

Let Rachael Sage tell you exactly why there’s no better place to be than on Earth. Yes, even now. 


With her latest album release, Rachael Sage is taking her years of experience in the music industry into account and using it to remind us all that it is a privilege merely to be alive and here on this planet. This may not be something that comes easily to us at this point in time, stuck in our homes and facing a summer of isolation and lockdown as the world struggles to deal with the deadly COVID19 pandemic, but for Rachael Sage, it has become second nature. 


There are a select few experiences in life which can throw everything into perspective, but a life-changing cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery period may do just that, in perfect clarity. Rachael revealed, alongside the release of the first single from this album cycle, ‘Bravery’s on Fire’, that she had been battling with endometrial cancer for the past year. It was with this brave and bizarre journey under her belt that Rachael set about putting her experiences into song form, in the astute and honest way that only she can. 


‘Blue Sky Days’, album opener, really sets the tone for the rest of the album – this is a collection of songs all about Sage’s newfound gratitude at being alive in this world and the joy she feels merely to wake up each day. This joy and gratitude and optimism is a tall order to translate to the listener as they make their way through this twelve-song collection, but it’s something Sage does with ease, drawing on her past experience as a poetic lyricist and musical activist. 


Title track ‘Character’ is another album stand-out, a darker track in which Sage questions herself and her own answers to the question “what comprises character?” It is here where Sage is at her most analytical, assessing her own response when it comes to facing life-defining events and changes. A brooding tune, ‘Character’ is a lyrical highlight of the album and shows Rachael as a force to be reckoned with – someone who can reveal her darkest and most personal insecurities and still come off as a stronger person for having admitted her own vulnerability. 


Rachael Sage once commented that her period of diagnosis and recovery was “the most humbling mountain I’ve ever had to climb.” In using her art to express and heal herself during this period, she has crafted a record which is likely to help and inspire people all over the world, climbing mountains of their own. 


Watch the lyric video for ‘Character’ down below, and get ready for the album to drop everywhere on 24th July!


Gratitude, joy and optimism: Rachael Sage shares her inspirational story
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