Grace Davies shares stunning ballad ‘Amsterdam’

23-year-old composer, pianist and singer, Grace Davies, has shared her new single ‘Amsterdam’.

Acting as a taster from her forthcoming debut EP, ‘Amsterdam’ is an enthralling, slow-moving, ballad. The track’s soulful and haunting melody, relatable lyricism and Grace’s soul-stirring vocal performance is raw and breathtaking.

To celebrate the release of ‘Amsterdam’, Grace will be performing live via her social media platforms at 7:30pm on Friday 8th May.

Speaking about the track, Grace says: “Amsterdam is my Jolene. It’s incredibly honest. It’s about being so frickin’ in love that it hurts, and you don’t trust that something won’t go wrong. Amsterdam touches on jealousy within a relationship and normalises it. Not an unhealthy jealousy, but one that we all feel from time to time, and should allow ourselves to feel – without thinking that we’re ‘crazy’!

Of course we may get jealous that the person we love most in the entire world is doing things without us, and of course the thought crosses our minds that we may possibly lose that person to someone else (or somewhere else). We’re human, and I think it’s a beautiful thing.”

Grace’s debut EP Friends With The Tragic is set to release in June.

Listen to ‘Amsterdam’ below:

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Grace Davies shares stunning ballad ‘Amsterdam’
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