Glowie gets defiant on new single “Throwback”

Icelandic pop artist Glowie shares the retrospective banger “Throwback”. It’s a noughties-inspired track that showcases pop at its finest, the glossiness, the textured beats and in-yer-face power melodies. “Throwback” is an exciting return from an artist who establishes her dominance in the Icelandic pop realm.

“I wrote the song at a time when I felt like I had lost some of my love for music. I wanted to remember how I felt about music as a kid when I would dig through CDs at home, trying to find anything to listen to and when I’d find something I liked, I’d listen to it over and over and dance to it. Music was so precious to me and I wanted to feel that again. Writing ‘Throwback’ helped reinstill my love for music”.

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Glowie gets defiant on new single “Throwback”
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