Giulia shares new single ‘Trippin Out’

Formerly working in the fashion industry, Italian singer-songwriter Giulia has now decided to turn her full attention to the music industry.

Content with the success of her partnership with up-and-coming designer Anna Sammarone, she has now taken a step back so as to concentrate on the one creative endeavour she has always treasured – writing music and singing. Giulia had an unconventional childhood to say the least, her parents work life meant she lived in a whole host of different countries and experienced many different cultures, and her music really showcases this. Her tracks are unique and innovative, with a twist of classic pop.

She kicks of a season of new releases with her single ‘Trippin Out’’, a track that features Giulia’s characteristically entrancing vocals and her artful lyricism. The single starts in a way that demands attention with a powerful drum beat and Giulia’s assertive but beautiful voice. The song is developed further by a strong synth presence, and before long the track arrives at its climax; an infectiously catchy chorus. It is true melting pot of sounds and influences, something that is not surprising given her early exposure to different cultures, sounds, and genres.

‘Trippin Out’ truly signifies a new era for this Italian Singer song writer. “This is an album about freedom and about having a free spirit” remarked Giulia when asked about her new sound. “It is so important for me to feel free as an artist and as a woman. My upcoming album is about doing whatever you want and not being afraid about what people are going to say about it.”Giulia has broken free from the shackles of what an artist ‘should’ be and is ready to focus on being the kind of artist that she wants to be.

Listen to ‘Trippin Out’ below.

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Words by Polly Havelock

Giulia shares new single ‘Trippin Out’
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