Q&A: Gaia Cauchi

Following the release of her debut single earlier this week, we chatted with Gaia Cauchi. A Maltese-born, pop songstress that cut her musical teeth by representing Malta in the 2013 Juniors Eurovision Contest. Read the Q&A to find out about her debut single ‘Why Should I’ and more.

Hi Gaia, tell us about your debut single ‘Why Should I?’

“Why Should I?” is a song I wrote when I wasn’t feeling too great about life. Everyone has their ups and downs and I had put myself in such a dark place but with the help of my family and friends, I started pushing myself and got back on my own two feet and started a brand new chapter. The track was written with a very good friend of mine, Kevin Paul. I needed to get everything off my chest, so I used it to my advantage and wrote a song about everything that I was feeling.

“Why Should I?” represents a person who is hurt because the other person they’re in love with isn’t showing as much interest as they did before. This song helped me understand that it’s hard to let go of someone you love but its much more painful to force someone to love you, so you just need to let go and move on. Eventually, life will grant you with lots of blessings, you just need to get up and work hard for the things you want!

What inspired you to pursue music?

I was always interested in music since a very young age. My mum used to play ‘White Flag’ by Dido and if I was sleeping and she played it I would wake up, as soon as the song ends I would go back to sleep. Music is something I enjoy doing and love. I was never forced to sing by my mum and dad, they were always very supportive and still are! When they start seeing that I kind of want to give up music, they put me right back on my feet and motivated me to keep going. They are my biggest supporters and without their help I wouldn’t be where I am today. Music is something which I cannot live without, sounds cheesy, I know, but it’s true!

Back in 2013 you were picked by the public to perform at the Juniors Eurovision Contest, that must of been a fun experience?

I think that The Junior Eurovision Song Contest was actually the thing that helped start my career. Malta had stopped entering the competition and after 3 years they decided to participate again. So I was chosen  to represent Malta for the 2013 competition .’The Start’ was the track I performed for Juniors Eurovison and thematically it was about my passion for music and the start of something new. I was still very young  at the time, so it was quite a new experience.

My childhood was a bit different compared to other children, as I had to juggle going to school and spending days on a tv set. The experience was super fun! Numerous countries participate in it, so I was learning how to say  words in different languages. Many people supported me throughout the contest but obviously you will always find that one person that has to say something negative about every thing you do, but I’ve learned to ignore and let go of the negative comments, what’s mostly important is that you’re happy with what you’re doing.

Tell us about the lessons you learnt from being on the X-Factor..

X-Factor was amazing but also very stressful. I met the most lovely people thanks to X-Factor and I will forever be grateful but it obviously was not always easy. I first went to audition as a solo artist and then got put into a group. The girls were lovely and we got on pretty quickly but since we didn’t really know anything about each other, we used to argue and say things we didn’t really mean to each other.  We were always super tired and stressed and we had to do prepare everything in a short amount of time.

From my time on X-Factor last year, I’ve learned how to communicate and how to work through things with other people. I’ve also learned that I need to enjoy everyday even more as time truly does fly by.

Any personal highlights from this year? Performing at MTV Malta must be up there.

MTV Malta is definitely a highlight. But this year my favourite highlight has been going into the studio and writing new songs. I feel like there was a short period of time where I really wanted to give up because I was so tired of trying to please everyone and I just kept failing. But at the end of the day, the only person you need to please is yourself because if something makes you happy then the people that actually love you and support you will be happy too!

Finally, what is next for Gaia Cauchi?

I’m going to keep on writing songs and releasing music that people my age, younger.. or older.. can relate to! This is just the start of my journey and although I’m very grateful for everything that has happened up until now, I still think that I have more things to learn and to find out as I’m nowhere where I want to be just yet!

Listen to ‘Why Should I’ below.

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Featured image by Matthew B Spiteri.

Q&A: Gaia Cauchi
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