Exclusive interview with Allegra as she prepares to release her new music…

Hey Allegra! Super excited to be speaking to you…
It’s been a while since your last studio release. How have you grown and how have things changed for you since ‘All About Us’?
Well I would like to think that my voice has developed from my last single and now that I’m 18 I can make my own decisions and travel for my music. I look back to my single and now I’m just more hungry to release more music and to work even harder!
Next single is called ‘Do What I Want’ – can you describe it to us in three words?
Confident, carefree and catchy
You’re taking part in Virtual Freshers Fest in partnership with Black Minds Matter UK this year. How are you feeling about it? What’s the one message you’d want to give to everyone starting uni during such a bizarre year?

I’m just very excited to be involved in this fun project because, being a student myself it’s definitely much harder to meet people, due to the current situation of corona. But this event will make everyone forget about what’s going on in society and just make young people entertained and maybe even encourage them to become creative themselves. It’s a tough year for everyone and you just have to think that everyone is in the same boat. Everyone is missing out on things at they planed but maybe that’s better, because everything becomes more spontaneous and becomes even more fun.

You’ve been making something of a name for yourself on YouTube with all your interesting and unusual cover versions of hit songs. If you could turn one of these into a collaboration with the original artist, who would you pick and why?

Oooh this is a tough one because I look up and inspire to be like the artists that I’ve covered – but if I had to be one it would be Rita Ora. I think she just gives off such a fun vibe. I love her fashion, her make up, her style and she just looks like she would be so much fun to get on with!

What advice would you give to a young person who is wanting to branch into music and media like you have?

Music is tough and you have to be dedicated. Personally music is my life so I would give up anything for it but you also can’t doubt yourself. There’s no point being 50% in, you have to give 110%!

Finally, can you tell us a little bit about where you see yourself in five years’ time and what you plan on doing in order to achieve those goals?
It’s hard to predict what’s going to happen. I mean I’ve dreamt of being a singer since I was five years old. Now that I’m 18 and more free to make my own decisions and I’m there to work hard to be able to pursue my dreams because all I want to do is perform on stage in front of people! If I’m lucky enough I would love to be able to perform in arena and stadiums! My dream is to go on tour one day so I’m willing to work as hard as I can to get there!
Exclusive interview with Allegra as she prepares to release her new music…
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