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Exclusive interview with Allegra as she prepares to drop a brand new track…

We at LOCK are massive fan of the star-on-the-rise Allegra, and have championed her every release since she began making music way back in 2018. Now it’s 2021, and as she gears up for a brand new track drop, we got the full scoop…

Hey Allegra! Long time no speak! What have you been up to since we last spoke?


Well….I just finished filming the music video to my third single which is crazy to think about! I’m so passionate about this project so I can’t wait for everyone to see my hard work and what I’ve been cooking up.


What’s the recording process for this single been like? How has it been different recording in lockdown?


I have to say it nothing that different from what I’ve been used to. I’ve been having a lot more vocal training so that I’m a lot more confident when it comes to recording in the studio. This single was much easier to record because it’s so personal to me and I was just dancing my whole way through it.


What’s the message behind your upcoming release? What inspired you to write it?


This song is about you realising that you can’t believe you wasted all your time on that one person. A person who doesn’t deserve your attention because they couldn’t give you the same energy that you gave them once. I wrote this song about a guy who I thought cared about me but didn’t in the end. At least a good song came out of it because I just want my fans to know that you can’t waste too many tissues on someone. 


What’s your advice to someone getting over a bad breakup?


Really take time to yourself and don’t think you’re not allowed to be upset. You can cry! Sometimes its the best thing to do! Then surround yourself with the people who love you most… and the last thing that I would suggest is writing the best breakup song that would make them regret what they’ve lost!! 


What would be your dream collaboration in 2021?


Ooooh I have to say that I would love to work with Zara Larsson or Anne-Marie. I have their songs on repeat constantly. 


What’s your favourite release so far of 2021?


I have to say that I am loving Bang Bang by Rita Ora. It’s such a feel good song which I feel just so sassy listening to. I’m just ready for summer listening to that song!

Thanks so much for your time Allegra! Keep your eyes peeled for news of this new single, coming soon!

Exclusive interview with Allegra as she prepares to drop a brand new track…
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