EP Review – Unholy Ceremony By Kid Cupid

London based four-piece Kid Cupid have released their debut EP Unholy Ceremony. Based around conversations you’d have with a friend in pain, the EP effortlessly captures the emotion during times of need.

Beginning the writing process with only a piano, the band then hone in their expertise to develop and transform the songs into the indie anthems that they are today. It’s this creativity which has enabled Kid Cupid to create their familiar electropop sound.

Touching on the theme of co-dependency, ‘Low’ combines dreamy guitar chords with an nostalgic chorus to create an infectious melody. Whilst the first single ‘Better’ stands prominently out from the indie-electro crowd, it highlights the band’s incredible talent for devising catchy indie bops. Channelling aspects of both Oh Wonder and Little Dragon, the track is packed with the band’s trademark whirring hooks, tribal beats and soulful vocals of Laura Shaw.

The reverb-laden track ‘Cold Body’ is impressively euphoric. Featuring glossy motifs, the track cries out for answers when you’re going through a troubling time in life. Concluding Unholy Ceremony, the glitchy track ‘Burn’ immerses you into an indie daze. It’s this gritty tune that propels the band into electro territory; intertwining throbbing beats with 80s-inspired synths, ‘Burn’ is easily one of the best tracks on the EP.

With a number of gigs in the capital under their belt and no doubt many more to come, Kid Cupid are beginning to make waves in the alternative pop scene.

Review by Paige Sims

EP Review – Unholy Ceremony By Kid Cupid
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