EP REVIEW: Unfinished Apology Letters by Zoë Blair-Schlagenhauf and Be Softly

This spoken word EP – Unfinished Apology Letters –  was written by transatlantic pen-pals, Zoë Blair-Schlagenhauf and Be Softly. One a Californian poet and the other a pair of musical collectives from Bristol. 

Poems were shared over the internet and over the course of two years, this thought- provoking piece was created and finally released earlier this month, on the 7th of December.

The EP starts with ‘Best Friend’s Vomit’ – the words and vocals are raw and the music feels heart-wrenching. One resonating line talks about listening to the President discuss opioid addiction as if it is a new problem; raising the issues that language like this can cause for someone who has been dealing with the consequences of opioid addiction for some time, or knows of someone who has. 

The next track, ‘G.O.M’, talks about loss and connection; the lyrics talk of dark days, dark thoughts and how we connect with one-another. ‘falling’ shows more themes about relationships, as well as the lack of them. 

‘Water Molecules’, however, has a lighter feel to it, with water being a metaphor for humans; the connection being that all of us are a collective of individuals, but we’re also dependant on each other. 

Each track is beautiful in its own way. The poetics are thought-provoking, honest and quite exceptional. 

The music for each track brings the poetry alive, massaging the words in that little bit deeper.

Not only is awareness being raised, the collaboration is also donating one-hundred-percent of the proceeds of this EP to two charities. 

The first is Mind, which works to ‘’support and empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem,’’ and the second is  Shatterproof, which is based in the US and is ‘’dedicated to ending the devastation addiction causes families.’’

A perfect collaboration of words and music, it really feels like an alliance of the arts; stunning stand alone tracks behind beautifully composed poetry. 

This EP raises money for charities that need it as well as awareness of topics that surround mental health. On top of that, each track is captivating, really easy to listen to and Zoë’s voice is brought to life with the soft compositions of Be Softly. 

Both parties do an exceptional job and blend easily with one-another, and you would never guess that they had done so across an ocean.

Featured Image supplied by Be Softly.

EP REVIEW: Unfinished Apology Letters by Zoë Blair-Schlagenhauf and Be Softly
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