Emily C. Browning hits back at rejection with “I Wasn’t Into You Anyway”

New Zealand-based musician Emily C. Browning shares her new single “I Wasn’t Into You Anyway”. With a degree in jazz and previously working as a touring guitarist, the new single is a playful summary of Browning’s creative journey to date.

Playing with sparkling synths, glorious guitars and witty lyricism, “I Wasn’t Into You Anyway” discusses the experiences of unrequited love. Even though we all fear rejection, this track seems to make those fears melt away instantly.

“Everyday for a month I wrote in my journal: I want to write a song about feeling rejected,” explains Browning. “But I couldn’t figure out how to keep it light and funny, it can be quite a painful topic and I didn’t want to sound too heavy. But I kept working on it everyday and came up with this song. I then spent another month recording it, trying to capture a sound that stayed upbeat and playful. I put so much time and energy into the song that I ended up completely forgetting about the person who rejected me in the first place (honest, I swear).”

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Emily C. Browning hits back at rejection with “I Wasn’t Into You Anyway”
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