Drumming and vocal prodigy DYNAMYTE releases ‘Show Me You’

A drumming prodigy, a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and one hell of a perceptive songwriter are just some of the abilities which neo-soul artist DYNAMYTE possesses. A powerful vocal and take-no-prisoners attitude characterise the new song from this jack-of-all-trades, ‘Show Me You’, which is out now.

A critical look at the ways in which social media can influence the younger generations to present themselves as someone they aren’t, ‘Show Me You’s sassy and intimate authenticity immediately draws you into the personality that is Dynamyte. Her degree in social psychology at Brown University left Dynamyte fascinated by the ways in which people work, and serves as the catalyst for much of her songwriting – ‘Show Me You’ included. 


“I use my analyses to make sense of my experiences when I’m writing, while also targeting what kind of content I feel the world needs.” she says, “I always want to write songs that will impact people.”


It’s this kind of perception which shows Dynamyte to be a serious contender in the field, her lyricism and unwillingness to shy away from complex topics placing her far beyond most of her peers. Musically, the song is a creative endeavour which sees Dynamyte playing all the instruments, balanced perfectly in a mix which leaves her low, raspy vocals front and centre.


The plea for authenticity is conveyed by the honesty of the production, the arrangement – everything is done by hand and carried off to perfection by Dynamyte’s many talents. She’s the kind of artist who will encourage unapologetic attitude and badassery from those who listen to the track. 


A voice for the girls growing up who refuse to be silenced, ‘Show Me You’ is out now.

Drumming and vocal prodigy DYNAMYTE releases ‘Show Me You’
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