Chandra Rhyme releases new track Bullet

The rise to the top was never supposed to be easy, so Chandra Rhyme is having as much fun as she can as she writes the chapters of her story.

This Pittsburgh-based artist has built up a reputation as one of the city’s most captivating performers, bringing listeners into her multidimensional world.

Inside of it, she crafts rhythmically backed pop and R&B-infused hip-hop records with golden-era level lyricism and an electric feel.

While she began her career as a dancer, she would soon become known as one of the rising stars in the city’s underground music scene due to her magnetic personality, sultry voice, striking lyrics, and creative artistic direction.

During her come-up, she has opened for notable musicians such as Warren G, and in 2019, she released her debut EP entitled “Goin’ Up,” under the rap name, Rhyme.

Currently, Chandra is cultivating a fresh sound that mixes traditional songwriting with boundary-pushing production.

With new music planned for release in 2021 and beyond, her road to success is destined for a prolific career.

Speaking about her new single Chandra said: “I wrote this song after watching one of my favorite shows at the time called “The Haves and the Have Nots” by Tyler Perry.

“There’s a character named “Wyatt” on the show that struggles with drug addiction. At that moment, a light bulb went off in my mind where I wanted to take that concept and relate it to love.

“Bullet” is about being in a toxic relationship and being addicted to someone that you know is not good for you.

“In the end, you wind up staying and “biting the bullet”. You know this relationship is not good for you but because of how much you love this person, you still want them in your life, and it is hard to let go, no matter how much you try, you just can’t give them up.”

Chandra Rhyme releases new track Bullet
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