Cat Burns shines on new single “It’s Over”

Streatham’s singer-songwriter Cat Burns unveils the gloriously heartfelt single “It’s Over”. The fluent guitar strings tug at your heart, lacing a melancholic undertone throughout. “It’s Over” offers a moment of intimacy that reflects the end of a relationship, the yearning for wanting more but deserving better. Cat Burns’ is about to hit the big time.

“‘It’s Over’ to me is about acceptance and letting go; it’s about realising something isn’t working and not helping you in any way. It’s about growing up and understanding what you want in a partner from what you don’t, and most importantly, it’s about leaving a situation respectfully with no bad blood or ill wishes. I want this song to help people gracefully let go of someone who isn’t right for them.

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Cat Burns shines on new single “It’s Over”
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