/Blu:m/ share new single ‘Tiny Break of Light’ alongside official video

London-based duo /Blu:m/, have released their third single, ‘Tiny Break of Light’.

The track was produced by Dan Cox at Urchin Studios, London and sees the French multi-instrumentalists at perhaps their most ambitious.

A slaloming, lead guitar part – cut from the same cloth as Arctic Monkeys’ ‘Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?’ – coolly slides the listener into the opening lyrics, before a clever, Jack White-esque instrumental bridges the gap between the verse and the chorus. It’s a refreshing blend of styles and singer Rebecca Meyer’s accented vocal uniquely weaves the track together.

Speaking about the track’s writing process and meaning, singer Rebecca said:

‘‘I wrote ‘Tiny Break of Light’ being stubborn in my own bad mood. I couldn’t deal with anyone or anything and locked myself away writing and recording. This track is about taking distance from your own self and filling the void until something good comes out of it.’’

The two-piece shared their new single alongside the track’s official music video.

The accompanying visual sees Rebecca looking fed-up in a number of dimly lit rooms, whilst London model Crimson Helles gazes lifelessly into the camera.

The video is available to watch below.

/Blu:m/, who formed in 2017 after Rebecca met Franco Lacan at a music school in Paris, will perform at the Notting Hill Arts Club, London on 25th of January.

Watch the video for ‘Tiny Break of Light’ now:


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/Blu:m/ share new single ‘Tiny Break of Light’ alongside official video
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