Black Bordello fight gentrification on “Nunhead”

Peckham five-piece Black Bordello share their new single “Nunhead”. An art-rock track that translates into a frenzied single, it’s a melodramatic cut that addresses the gentrification of Peckham. Supporting Goat Girl on Friday, the band’s exciting sonics propel them into the hearts of every punk lover. This is cool, real damn cool.

“‘Nunhead’ was written during the plague, at a time when people were confined to their houses. Sienna would visit Nunhead cemetery frequently as a place of refuge and to see the graves of her family members. There she was met face to face by the ills of gentrification. The place that always held profound, peaceful contemplation and wisdom buried deep within its grounds was now ruined by over-privileged pleasure makers who had no real connection to the area or its history. Sienna and the band felt this reflected the overarching psychopathy in our times.”

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Black Bordello fight gentrification on “Nunhead”
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