BIIANCO is in the honeymoon period on “checkmate”

LA-based singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist BIIANCO shares the alluring new single “checkmate”. Written about being so infatuated with someone at the start of a relationship that you can’t eat or sleep, the intense feelings surrounding this time have been channelled into a dark, witchy video that compels you into a daydream of expressive sounds.

“The video was specifically inspired by this wild experience I had once where I howled at a full moon and was met by a coyote howling back and eventually showing up where I was standing.  It was a vividly powerful moment and happened to coincide with an intense period of limerence that ended in a trainwreck, so much so that I often refer to it as a love spell gone awry. We decided to lean heavily into Ari Aster (Midsommar, Hereditary) and Roger Eggers (The VVitch) imagery to depict the story of a ritual that backfires to the point of bringing upon my demise. In the end, we camped out in a 1920s cabin in the middle of the woods for a couple days until the video was done and we had captured the most important theme: love will be the death of me.”

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BIIANCO is in the honeymoon period on “checkmate”
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