Album Review: Red by Hannah Trigwell

Hannah Trigwell is a household name in Asia. Having reached number one in Vietnam and Laos in 2015, she is a talent to watch out for this side of the globe. With over 100 million views on YouTube, Trigwell’s debut album, RED, is set to cement her as a global success.

RED is Trigwell’s experience of love. The initial pain of the break up, the stalky social media phase (we’ve all been there) and the final acceptance of letting someone go. The album is a self-aware blend of powerful lyrics and glorious harmonies. Dubbed by ITV’s “Lorraine” as “The People’s Popstar”, Trigwell’s album is relatable, an easy listen which reminds you of your first love and your first experience of heartbreak.

It is clear that Trigwell preforms because she has a passion for music. However her talent is not only in performing, but writing too. RED is one of the most powerful tracks on the album, a hauntingly beautiful song about feelings of loss and confusion. The beginning of the song catches your attention and as Trigwell’s potent lyrics and instrumental stop and start, it causes the listener to reflect upon the lyrics and identify with their meaning. Throughout the track, Trigwell’s voice has the perfect blend of strength and longing, causing the song to have a lasting effect upon the audience.

In the tracks I Blame You and Taboo, Trigwell shows off the diversity of her talent by experimenting with a more stereotypically “pop-y” sound. With a high production to these songs and the prominent use of electric guitar, she is miles away from her humble beginnings busking on the streets of Leeds. She boasts the direction in which her music may continue take; big sound designed to rock the speakers of the world’s most popular arenas.

However, staying true to her roots, the majority of the singles on Red have Trigwell’s characteristic acoustic sound. For example, the opening of Mum & Dad is simply Trigwell’s voice and her guitar. Elegant. Modest. Unelaborate. The song explores family relationships, primarily the appreciation for the solid foundation that her parents provided for Trigwell and her sister. The relatability of Trigwell’s lyrics has ultimately caused her success and Mum & Dad is just one example of the personal experience the listener receives upon hearing her words. Such a personal relationship between an artist and the listener is one rare for artists of this generation.

The album concludes with You Never Really Noticed, a track which leaves the listener with a lasting impression. You Never Really Noticed will appeal to your inner nineties kid. The song has a throw-back feel to it, complete with a catchy melody and a steady beat. Sassy female vibes scream of the current generation’s empowerment and it will be one of your favourite tracks on the LP.

Trigwell’s new LP RED is set to secure her on the worldwide stage. At just 27 she is at the beginning of her career, setting her sights to the top of the music industry. And who can blame her? With such a talent for song writing and performing, Trigwell belongs on the stage. The diversity of the sound displayed in RED will open many doors for this young artist and we can’t wait to see what she does next. Hannah Trigwell is certainly one to watch.

Review by Samantha Humphrey

Featured Images by Asia Precz

Album Review: Red by Hannah Trigwell
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